About ScentAir


We’re here to build human connections with the power of scent.


For more than 20 years ScentAir has been helping industry leaders across the globe create powerful customer experiences using fragrance. When we started out, we never imagined that our goal of bringing fragrance technology to businesses would lead us to where we are today. From our home office in Charlotte, NC we’ve spread the power of scent across 119 countries with corporate offices on 3 continents!
Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of growing into the world’s largest scent marketing firm. Our expertise has led us to work with some exciting brands including Under Armour, BMW, Dave & Busters, Harry Winston, Paul Mitchell, Hugo Boss, and more.
And now, we’re bringing our scenting expertise to your home. We’re proud to introduce the ScentAir Essence, our newest, most user-friendly diffuser and the first in our line of homecare diffusers. A curated library of fragrances pairs with the ScentAir Essence so you can make your house smell like home.


Welcome home to the power of ScentAir.



Just a few of the 50,000+ global brands we work with: