Change Your Mood With Scent

March 26, 2020

Like it or not, we’re all staying a little closer to home these days. The stress of the outside world seems to be piling up. And though a staycation may have sounded great in the past, it’s starting to feel a little tight at home.  

Though we can’t change the state of the world, there is one thing we do have control over: how we feel about our situation. Focusing on the positive and changing our thinking is generally seen as a challenge, but there’s a trick that can help make your attitude shift a little easier. You can use your sense of smell to change your mood.  

Decades of studies confirmed the effectiveness of scent on mood, but not all scents create the change in mood you’re looking for. It’s important to choose a scent that will bring you closer to the way you want to feel. These scents may not change the world, but they can change your home into the sanctuary you need.


To Boost Your Happiness

Pine: It’s not just the presents and tidings of cheer that make you a little more joyous during the holidays. The scent of pine can help pull you out of an emotional slump and put you at ease.

Try ScentAir Home Nordic Pine

Clementine: If you want to feel elated, the citrus scent of clementine will do the trick. Citrus improves your mood while giving you an extra burst of energy.

Vanilla: On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more soothing experience of happiness, the scent of vanilla relaxes you into a better mood.

Try ScentAir Home Dreamy Vanilla

Jasmine: To boost your mood with a floral scent, look no further than jasmine. The delicate scent of jasmine helps increase feelings of happiness and keeps you looking on the bright side.

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To Capture Your Calm & Find Wellbeing

Apple: A delicious snack and anxiety buster, all in one! The scent of apple helps ease pain, mitigates tension and reduces stress and anxiety.

Try ScentAir Home Apple Orchard

Fresh-cut Grass: Though busting out the mower is a bummer; the smell of a freshly trimmed lawn reduces stress.

Lemon: If you’re feeling low, the scent of lemon can turn things around. Lemon scents make you feel more confident and reduce feelings of insecurity. It can even help you cool off when you’re angry.

Try Citrus Blossom


To Skyrocket Your Productivity

Rosemary: The earthy scent of rosemary has a stimulating effect that makes you feel more alert. It also improves your memory.

Cinnamon: When you need to stay focused, cinnamon is the perfect pick-me-up. Cinnamon improves your concentration and even keeps you sharp against mental fatigue.

Try ScentAir Home Apple Cinnamon

Peppermint: When your mental energy slumps it can affect the effort you bring to your work. The scent of peppermint invigorates the mind and keeps you motivated—even through a tough workout.

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To Drift You Off To Sleep

Chamomile: There’s a reason you’ve seen chamomile in everything from tea to lotion. Not only does chamomile put you at ease so you can fall asleep, but it also helps settle your tummy.

Lavender: Whether you just want to find a bit of calm or get a more restful sleep, lavender is the perfect catch-all scent for relaxation. The soothing scent of lavender has a mood-stabilizing effect and can even ease you into sleep.

Try ScentAir Home Lavender Retreat


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