Seasonal Self-Care Survival Guide:
11 Self-Care Tips to Get You From the Pumpkin Patch to Your NYE Bash

September 21, 2020

The end of the year is upon us and so is the seasonal stress of the holidays. It seems once October rolls around, life becomes even more hectic and our to-do lists get even more cluttered. It can be hard to remember to prioritize yourself.

This Seasonal Self-Care Survival Guide will keep you on track in the last quarter of the year. Schedule these 11 self-care tips on your calendar to stay balanced and manage the stress of the season.  



1. Walk your neighborhood

If the crisp weather and fall color isn’t enough to fill your heart with joy, the fresh air and movement will clear your mind and boost your energy. Plus, it’s always fun to see how your neighbors are decorating for fall.

2. Bring fall into your home

Warm your space and your heart with a little fall décor. Whether you enjoy the process of decorating or you just want to keep it simple, a few well-placed pumpkins and pinecones plus a cozy fall fragrance elevate your home and your headspace for the season. 

3. Take a drive

Soft music, the winding road and gorgeous fall landscapes. Come across an old antique store or an apple orchard? Stop and enjoy! Now’s the time to let go and live in the moment.



4. Meditate

After a year of stress, November marks the beginning of the holiday season and a whole slew of new to-do list items. Take a moment to find some inner peace by clearing your mind and meditating.

5. Prepare

Prepping in advance can make you feel more sure of yourself. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, take note of your plans and get your home ready for the celebration with a festive seasonal scent.

6. Have a spa day

Take a break from all the Thanksgiving planning by scheduling some time for a facial or a mani-pedi. Whether you head to the salon or treat yourself at home, you’re sure to feel your best.

7. Reconnect with a friend

After an isolating year, call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. In our text and email heavy culture, taking time to pick up the phone and call an old friend is a nice gesture that leave both you and your friend feeling valuable and appreciated.



8. De-stress with holiday jams

Listen to your favorite holiday music and just celebrate the moment!

9. Exercise

Exercise is one of the most under-used stress management tools. Hit the gym or do a YouTube workout and feel ready to tackle your to-do list.

10. Relive your holiday memories

Feeling nostalgic can help you feel more connected with loved ones and improve your mood. Diffuse your favorite holiday scent to help you get in the mood and reminisce on your best holiday memories.

11. List your accomplishments

Here’s a list to make that you’ll want to check more than twice: Write a list of everything you accomplished this year. Think of the big things, like major accomplishments in the office or completing big projects at home, but don’t forget the little things you do for yourself and others.


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